Digital networking without the social media.

No posting

No gamification

No stealing your data

No social anxiety

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The safest way to share info

Built on a decentralized network, upload a piece of personal information to Simulpass, and only those you give permission to can view it. 

Like Google Drive for sharing personal information.

Reinvented directories

For companies, clubs, and list-serves. Quickly find ways to contact people in your organization and info about it.

Like GroupMe and your Contacts book grabbed a cup of coffee.

Gather together

Invite lists of contacts or entire organizations to any event you can dream up and easily ask to connect with those you meet.

Like Facebook events, but RSVPs matter. 

Connect with friends & colleagues

Schedule in person meetings, meetups and visit old haunts based on your current or future location. 

Like Snap Map, without the stalking. 

Built on LightStreams

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